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Deeply Rooted…

Pedro’s Coffee embodies the vision & passion of our founder, “Pedro”, who helped build the Rwandan coffee industry into the modern internationally recognized brand it is today. It mirrors his long journey, which began more than 35 years ago, with a desire to understand all the complexities of a Rwandan Arabica Bourbon and unlock its full potential.
Our story began years ago as a family passion project, whose roots run deep in the modern Rwandan coffee history. We aimed to give an equal opportunity to friends and family to taste & enjoy some of Rwanda’s best coffee whilst understanding & contributing to the back-breaking work from farmers that goes into crafting that perfect morning cup!

Single-Origin, 100% Traceable…

Exclusively grown, produced & selected from Muyongwe, Northern Province, at an altitude of more than 6,500Ft, this boutique artisanal coffee has consistently been recognized as some of Rwanda’s best, scooping multiple awards and recognitions along the way.
Pedro’s Coffee is hand-roasted, highly defined & differentiated. We particularly distinguish our harvest through our micro-region & single-origin exclusivity efforts, whereby every single cup of Pedro’s Coffee can be traced to the individual farmer that helped produce it. Our ownership of the entire value chain of Pedro’s Coffee makes it a reality for our customers experience the full extent to which we go, to provide an excellently crafted cup of coffee.

Coffee With A Purpose

For the past 15 years, we nurtured a close relationship with our farming community in Muyongwe and continue to provide incentives, including but not limited to profit sharing, universal healthcare, training programs, sensitizing on good farming practices, and extending credit to alleviate cash burdens in order to pay for their children’s school fees.
These actions have led to a higher standard of living, more access to education and thus a higher child literacy rate. Most notably, our farming community in Muyongwe achieved a 99% universal healthcare coverage in February 2020!
We’re thrilled to invite you on this beautiful journey and hope you enjoy our exceptionally delightful coffee!

If you’re interested in any of our services, please feel free to let us know